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Why Should I Upgrade My Outlets?

Home outlets have come a long way since the first two-prong plug solution. Learn more about why you should upgrade your outlets from the experts at Mr. Electric.

Why Should I Upgrade My Outlets?

Today’s outlets are light years ahead of yesterday’s one-size-fits-all installations, with an array of benefits you’ve likely overlooked. You look forward to, and purchase, new smartphone tech annually. When was the last time you looked into the ‘enhanced functions’ of modern outlets?

From Convenience and Function to Safety, Outlet Upgrades offer Many Benefits

Modern outlet designs offer new installation possibilities, providing ease-of-access throughout your home. Adequate outlet access prevents the hassle and tripping hazard of extension cords. Most importantly, adding to and updating the outlets in your home protects you and your family from fire and electrocution, bringing your home up to code and adding resale value.

Are You Taking Advantage of the Latest Outlet Technology?

  • USB Outlets
    Bulky chargers causing a nightly traffic jam at outlets throughout your home? Upgrading to USB outlets can help you mitigate the mass of cords and ugly array of weirdly comprised chargers hogging up precious outlet space. Electrical experts can add USB outlets in the living room, by nightstands, in the kitchen, and home office that let you ditch bulky boxes, plugging USB cables directly into the outlet and providing more charging real estate.   
  • Recessed Outlets
    Tight quarters? Recessed outlets recess deeply into the wall, preventing plugs from protruding and protecting cords from damage due to bends and crimps. Allowing you to slide furniture closer to the wall, recessed outlets are space saving wonders, with models that accommodate 2, 4, 6 plugs and those capable of accommodating cable, video and data cords. 
  • Pop-Out Outlets
    Pop-out outlets installed within cabinets and counters prevent cords from hanging in dangerous areas, and pose an ideal solution for places where a standard wall outlet are not possible, such as kitchen islands. Bonus: Pop-outs keep outlets discreetly away from little fingers when not in use.
  • GFCI Outlets
    These inexpensive life savers have been required by code in areas of your home in close proximity to water for years, such as the laundry, bath, kitchen, and outdoors. Also called GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, these outlets are easily identified by the 2 small buttons in the center: “TEST” and “RESET. Decreasing the risk of shock due to electrical hazards such as water, GFCIs carefully monitor electrical current, cutting it off instantaneously when an imbalance is detected.
  • Wi-Fi Outlets
    Wi-Fi outlets offer the ability to monitor and operate outlets (and the appliances connected to them) from anywhere. Left the coffee pot on? No problem. Curling iron concerns? Eliminated. Check the status, controlling use and vampire energy drain from any mobile device or with voice-operated Alexa/Siri/Google Home command. These outlets offer homeowners convenience and peace of mind.
  • Tamper-Resistant Outlets (TRR)
    Tamper-resistant outlets, also called childproof outlets, feature spring-loaded shutters that close receptacle slots when they are not in use. To open shutters for electricity to flow, both springs must be pushed simultaneously. It is worth noting most shocks and burns from children inserting objects into outlets happen directly in the presence of adults, which is why since 2008, TRR have been required in both new and renovated homes.
  • Outlet Covers
    Don’t overlook opportunities with outlet covers as well, including opportunities for adding a fun new look, built-in LED lights, built in USB charging ports and more.

Looking for More Ways to Improve Safety in Your Home?

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