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Blogs in August 2016

Every day, expensive electronics are taken out of commission by power surges, leaving many wondering if an investing in a surge protector necessary.

Grid disruptions and subsequent power surges are on the rise across the U.S., with an aging infrastructure, increasing frequency of severe weather, and a growing, technology-centered population taking its toll from the electrical grid to the internal wiring of homes. Every day, expensive...Read more

A picture of a fuse being blown

Even when homeowners make an effort to turn everything off when they leave a room, some devices can continue to drain energy from your home and money from your wallet long after you flip the switch. Be aware of some of the worst culprits so you can consider unplugging if you don’t really need...Read more

A Mac desktop with a green electrical vehicle image on its screen

The electric car market is exploding right now, and 2016 looks to be a banner year for the industry. Many innovative designs will be going into production in the near future, and if you’re in the market for a new car, an electric vehicle is worthy of your consideration. Not every vehicle in our...Read more

A green house with an orange roof and two trees next to it

A whole house surge protector protects your home from voltage spikes, limiting excess electrical current by blocking its flow or shorting it to ground, much like a pressure relief valve. This includes surges occurring not only from lightning, but the 60-80 percent of surges that occur from...Read more

Five white electrical vehicle chargers

If you’re thinking about buying an electric car, one of your top priorities should be a reliable way to keep the vehicle charged. Charging stations are becoming more and more common around the country as electric vehicles grow in popularity, but nothing beats the convenience and peace of mind of...Read more

A battery with five bars to show that it's fully charged

Looking to protect your sensitive and expensive electronics? Surge protection is a great start, but power conditioners also offer valuable protection for components in entertainment and sound systems, as well as home office devices.

What does a power...Read more

A green electrical vehicle driving on the road

Battery-powered electric vehicles are gaining traction as their popularity continues to soar, but are they really that much better than the gas-powered vehicle you currently own? Consider the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) and why they’re becoming easier to rely on as communities across the...Read more

A picture of a black power strip with four white plugs on it.

Think that power strip offers one-size-fits all protection? Think again. Picking up the cheapest, 5-star rated power strip from Amazon probably won’t get the job done when it comes to surge protection. Each...Read more

A game controller, iPad, MP3 player, iPod with headphones, web camera, laptop and camera

Are your kids ready for their first year of college? If you think back-to-school shopping means loading up on spiral notebooks and No. 2 pencils, you’re behind the times. These essentials from when you were in college won’t cut it in today’s high-tech classrooms. Help your college-age student...Read more